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Matthews Marine, Inc. is an owner-operated specialty marine services company focused on meeting and exceeding the needs of a broad array of clients along the Northern Gulf Region and Mississippi Valley District. Though our services offered, we partner with our clients to assist in solving a wide variety of needs in the marine industry. We work closely with our clients during every step of the process to maximize our effectiveness, not only before and during, but after completion of the project as well. This value also comes from our emphasis on the safety of our personnel, assets, and the environment.

At Matthews Marine, Inc. our specialty dredging service employs personnel and equipment that are versatile to many conditions and situations. We posses the capabilities to dredge or trench all aggregate classes of sediment. Our TOYO Submersible Pump Systems are capable of dredging sediments from very fine sand to muddy sandy conglomerate. Our clamshell bucket and excavation equipment can be configured with the capabilities of dredging aggregate classes of sediment from silt to clay, and fine gravel to boulders. Our discharge method includes a slurry box, with a booster pump that feed any distance of pipe needed to successfully discharge materials in a safe upland or designated disposal site.

Although our primary focus is specialty dredging, we are also competent in providing a variety of other marine services including, but not limited to, material handling, reef building, debris removal, marine salvage, marine towing, and crane barge services.

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